Empowering children by critiquing norms and structures


April 29, 2022, online via Zoom. Transnational Childism Colloquium.

This colloquium brought together legal and childhood studies scholars to create new synergies that lay the groundwork for a new field of childism and law. Presenters were Barbara Bennett Woodhouse, Rebecca Stern, Pernilla Leviner, Hiroharu Saito, Karl Hanson, Aoife Daly, Thoko Kaime, Nate Walker, Hedi Viterbo. Each addressed the following questions: (1) What critiques might a childist perspective make of the study and practice of law? (2) What solutions can childism offer for developing more child-responsive legal structures? (3) What conclusions might be drawn about how different senses of childism as discrimination and empowerment can be productively combined.

February 25 2022, online via Zoom. Transnational Childism Colloquium.


Panelists critically interrogate the generative tensions and possible synergies between feminism and childism.


How can feminism contribute to rethinking the empowerment of young people? How could childism borrow from and contribute to feminist scholarship and struggles to dismantle neo-colonialism, white supremacy, capitalism and heteropatriarchy? What tensions emerge between feminist and childist visions of critical scholarship and a more just world? How can feminist intellectual and activist histories inform ongoing movements to empower children?

January 20, 2022, online via Zoom.

This mini-conference workshopped five articles for an upcoming special issue of the journal Children and Society on the theme of "Childism."


Presenters were Erica Burman, Manchester University, UK;  Justyna Deszcz-Tryhubczak, University of Wroclaw, Poland and Macarena Garcia, Pontifical Catholic University, Chile; Marek Tesar, University of Auckland, New Zealand; Britta Saal, Independent Scholar, Germany; and Julie Faith Parker, General

Theological Seminary, United States.

Paul Klee
Angelus Novus

December 10, 2021, online via Zoom. Transnational Childism Colloquium.

This colloquium brings together a diversity of perspectives to develop conceptual clarity about what could and should be meant by the term childism. What does the notion of childism mean? How could childism contribute to better understandings of human beings and relations? How is childism a challenge to the discipline of philosophy itself?

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May 21, 2021, online via Zoom. Transnational Childism Colloquium.


Co-organized with the Department of Child Studies, Linköping University, Sweden

This colloquium explores some of the pressing challenges to democracy today and stimulates a discussion around how we can build a more child-responsive democracy for the future. How does childism help address
challenges like populism, authoritarianism, migration, the climate, and the pandemic?

March 26, 2021, online via Zoom. Transnational Childism Colloquium.


Co-organized with the Critical Childhoods and Youth Studies Collective (CCYSC), India


Four panelists introduce us to how structural racism and casteism intersect with the marginalization of childhoods. How may childism be related to global anti-discrimination/privilege-critical movements? What can it learn from them? And what can it contribute?


June 11, 2020 online via Zoom.

The first meeting of the Childism Institute Advisory Board, to plan mission, projects, and organization.